The Sunlight Sales Team

We have been selling value added performance packaging for more than 24 years.

Sunlight Sales, Inc. has worked as a team to become and continue to be a leading manufacturer’s representative agency for markets in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Eastern Montana, Southern Idaho, California, and Nevada.

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Home Office – Denver, Colorado

Rob Wahl
Rob WahlPresident
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Dino Zotti
Dino ZottiFounder
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Chris Langlais
Chris LanglaisTerritory Lead
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Nicole Birney
Nicole BirneyGeneral Manager
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Amy Byrns
Amy ByrnsCustomer Service California, California Regions
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Clint Canady
Clint CanadyCustomer Service, Colorado and New Mexico
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Brittany Ortiz
Brittany OrtizCustomer Service, Arizona and Las Vegas
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Linda Kowal
Linda KowalCustomer Service, Utah
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Bob Tyldsley
Bob TyldsleyTerritory Lead
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Matt Jensen
Matt JensenSales Representative
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 Customer Service Rep for Arizona is Brittany Ortiz.


Cosme Padilla Sr.
Cosme Padilla Sr.Partner
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Erik Harvey
Erik HarveySales Representative
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Gloria Stover
Gloria StoverSales Representative
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Customer Service Rep for Utah is Linda Kowal.

Southern California

Pat Steinle
Pat SteinleSales Representative
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Roger Jenkins
Roger JenkinsSales Representative
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Howard Tobey
Howard TobeyTerritory Lead
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Customer Service Rep for Southern California is Amy Byrns.

Northern California

Christie Tumacder
Christie TumacderSales Representative
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Therese Pham
Therese PhamSales Representative
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Leah Shipman
Leah ShipmanSales Representative
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Customer Service Rep for Northern California is Amy Byrns.

New Mexico

Leon Trujillo
Leon TrujilloPartner
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Customer Service Rep for New Mexico is Clint Canady.

Las Vegas

Alicia Perez
Alicia PerezSales Representative
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Customer Service Rep for Las Vegas is Brittany Ortiz.