California Market

At the forefront for new ways of doing business, Northern CA has long been a leader on the world’s economic, scientific and cultural stage. Northern California’s economy is noted for being the de facto world leader in industries such as high technology, clean power, biomedical, government, and finance. Consisting of three major regional markets – the San Francisco Bay Area, the Sacramento-Capitol/Tahoe Area, and the fastest growing, Central Valley to Fresno Area, the population of the 48 northern counties has steadily risen to more than 14,000,000 people. Many cutting edge distribution, chain restaurant, processing, growing, and supermarket companies are headquartered in Northern CA. Sunlight Sales’ footprint in this market is rapidly expanding as we continue to produce record growth for our manufacturer partners in this region.

Southern California encompasses the counties from San Luis Obispo through San Diego, all the way to the border with Mexico.  The area is a major economic center for both the state as well as for the entire U.S. and may be the largest economy in the country.  With more than 22 million people, the area houses about 60% of California’s population.  The economy is extremely diverse with heavy investment in tourism, the entertainment industry, automobile and aircraft manufacturing, sea ports, finance, aerospace, the biomedical field, and advanced education.  Food service is a thriving business at almost all levels with many quick service restaurants (QSR) and family restaurant chains headquartered here as well as a strong food processing industry.  This market is one which Sunlight Sales is counting on for rapid growth for our company and our manufacturing principals.