I’m looking for a creative solution for take-out chicken wings.  What are some different options to Styrofoam?

Solution #1:

Fold Pak container

Fold Pak has a full line of recycled, one piece designed, leak resistant, heat lamp tolerant packaging solutions.  With an upscale look and image, Fold Pak’s containers require no assembly or lid inventory, reducing storage needs.  The wide variety of box sizes will accommodate 10 – 50 wings, sandwiches and chips, salads, pastas and a variety of other menu items.  Fold Pak is versatile and a great alternative to Styrofoam take out containers!

Fold Pak

Solution #2:

Anchor Packaging’s round Incredibowls

Many wing restaurants enjoy using Anchor Packaging’s round Incredibowls for their take out wings.  They will save you time and money by eliminating prep steps – the wings go directly in the bowl. The reusable, dishwasher safe container is perfect for large and small quantities of wings.  Additionally, they withstand temperatures up to 230ºF, and have better heat retention than foil-wrapped wings in a foam clamshell.

Incredibowls leak resistant design and assortment of sizes will make this your multi-purpose bowl for salads, soups and other side dishes.    Leak-resistant vented clear lid and bowl provides secure seal, holds in juices and heat better than wraps, paper cups, and foam clamshells.  Incredibowls clear lid helps with order accuracy and product presentation.
Anchor Packaging